Adriamed Easyflow® elastomeric pump

Pompa elastomerica Easyflow® Adriamed

Easyflow® stands out as the sole elastomeric pump available worldwide crafted entirely from soft materials. These materials not only prioritize patient discretion and mobility but also enhance drug administration by facilitating ease and stability. Its elastomeric reservoir, fashioned from innovative materials and design, maintains a consistent and uniform infusion flow, offering superior precision in comparison to rival devices, guaranteeing a tolerance of +/- 10% of nominal flow on each individual device.

Easyflow® Explained: Its Functionality and Indications

Easyflow® represents Adriamed’s patented elastomeric system tailored for continuous drug infusion. As a closed-circuit medical device, it facilitates intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural, or subcutaneous infusion therapies, adhering strictly to defined clinical protocols.

The Easyflow® elastomeric pump is a disposable unit sterilized with ethylene oxide. It finds application in both hospital and home settings, supporting a range of treatments including chemotherapy, acute and chronic pain management, chelation therapy, antibiotic and antiviral administration, as well as hydration therapy.

Guaranteed security and reliability on every single device

Easyflow® ensures peak performance across all clinical applications, blending safety, reliability, and lightweight construction, standing as the lightest elastomeric pump available. The product’s quality is assured by an in-depth control system, enabling rigorous testing of each device prior to market release. Utilizing an innovative, calibrated, and certified electronic system, it rigorously evaluates infusion flow accuracy, connection integrity, and valve tightness, guaranteeing optimal functionality in every unit.

Easyflow® features a transparent soft casing, facilitating effortless inspection of drug and infusion progress. Both the outer housing and elastomeric reservoir are UV-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity. Furthermore, Easyflow® is latex and phthalates-free, undergoing rigorous biocompatibility testing in alignment with ISO 10993 series standards. Its performance adheres to ISO 28620 guidelines, providing reassurance of its efficacy and safety in medical applications.

The soft housing of Easyflow® prominently displays all necessary device identification data and safety symbols as per prevailing regulations. Additionally, a distinctive color code enables swift identification of the pump’s flow, enhancing usability and safety measures.

Easyflow®: closed system device

Adriamed’s closed system is meticulously crafted to prioritize utmost safety for both patients and healthcare professionals. The pump incorporates a needle-free, one-way, anti-reflux filling port. This innovative feature not only facilitates seamless connection but also effectively prevents any drug leakage during and after the filling process, further enhancing overall safety measures.

Filter System and Automatic Priming

Easyflow® is equipped with an in-line filter system that allows filtration of the solution and expulsion of any air bubbles prior to infusion. The filter consists of a 5 μm hydrophilic membrane for the filtration of particles and bacteria, with different porosities available on request. Additionally, a 0.2 μm hydrophobic membrane enables automatic air expulsion from the device, effectively preventing external contamination.

Easyflow® is equipped with an additional hydrophobic filter membrane on the distal end cap of the Luer Lock connector, which allows the solution to be filtered, air to pass through and enables automatic priming of the device, preventing drug spillage.

Once the pump is charged, air is promptly expelled directly from the distal cap, allowing for immediate use of the drug without any additional waiting period. This streamlined process ensures that the device can be utilized safely within a matter of minutes.

Further strengths

In addition to its role in ensuring precision, safety, and patient discretion, it’s noteworthy to highlight that the Easyflow® elastomeric pump distinguishes itself as the sole fully soft elastomeric system in the medical landscape. Unlike glass flow restrictors, which carry a potential risk of breakage, the plastic composition of Easyflow®’s flow restrictor ensures heightened durability and resilience against external and internal factors, thereby securing a more precise flow rate while minimizing susceptibility to disruptions.

Ease of preparation is ensured by the material and design of the elastomer reservoir, also patented, whose filling requires less buoyancy force than other elastomer pumps on the market.

The Easyflow® family of devices consists of five pump volumes, which include different nominal filling volumes and flows covering an infusion range between 0.5 ml/h and 600 ml/h, making the pump versatile and adaptable to a wide range of therapies.

Easyflow® is available in the DFO (Deferoxamine) configuration, specifically designed for use in chelation therapy.
The Easyflow® elastomeric system has undergone extensive compatibility and stability testing with a wide range of drugs suitable for its intended use. Comprehensive drug stability charts and reports are readily available upon request.

The Easyflow® elastomeric pump can be supplied with an optional hard case.