Delta Med intravenous catheters: traditional, safety, closed system

Cateteri intravenosi delta med

Delta Med intravenous catheters confirm the company’s commitment to both ease of use for healthcare professionals and comfort for the patient. First of all, it should be specified that these are medical devices that allow the infusion of fluids directly into the veins. The Delta Med catheters, in particular, uphold rigorous quality standards, minimizing the potential for human error and maximizing overall effectiveness.

Delta Med intravenous catheters are available in a range of models and sizes (ranging from 26G to 14G) to cater to specific needs. They comprise cannula needles crafted from various materials, such as Teflon (FEP) or Polyurethane (PUR).

The company offers a diverse selection of catheter types, including traditional catheters, safety catheters, and closed-system catheters.

Traditional intravenous catheters

Delta Med manufactures its traditional intravenous catheters in Polyurethane and Teflon, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of highly specialized technicians to ensure the creation of safe, high-quality products.

The DELTA VEN ® (FEP) and NEO DELTA VEN ® (PUR) models are standard cannula needles available in sizes 14G to 26G in the following versions:

  • 2-way with fixing lugs
  • 1-way with fixing lugs
  • 1-way without fixing lugs

The use of Polyurethane and Teflon enables high performance in terms of:

  • Pharmacological compatibility
  • Prolonged biocompatibility: ensures long-term permanence in the veins
  • Adaptive flexibility: its flexibility facilitates easy adaptation to the venous structure, promoting more comfortable application
  • Elasticity for fast restoration: its elasticity allows the catheter to return promptly to its original shape, facilitating post-application management

Safety intravenous catheters

Safety intravenous catheters are made of both Polyurethane and Teflon. In particular, Delta Med offers two models, DELTA SELF SAFE ® (FEP) and NEO DELTA SELF SAFE ® (PUR), from 26G to 14G available in the following versions:

  • 2-way with fixing lugs
  • 1-way with fixing lugs
  • 1-way without fixing lugs

The safety device integrated in this type of intravenous catheter, developed and patented by Delta Med, enables the complete closure of the needle. This feature is intended to prevent accidental injuries resulting from accidental cuts or unintentional contact by the patient or caregiver.

Closed-system safety catheters

As mentioned, Delta Med holds the patent for a catheter safety system that allows the needle to be completely closed. This patent also includes safety catheters with a closed system. Delta Med manufactures them in sizes 16G to 26G.

The design and manufacture of such devices are intended for all generations of patients: from newborns to pediatric patients, from adults to the elderly.

Catheters with closed system security are available in the following versions:

  • One way
  • One-way with valve and tap
  • One-way with tap
  • Two-way (with end Y-connection)
  • Two-way with valve

The closed system safety catheters designed by Delta Med have an additional feature: they are designed and certified for use at high pressures; they guarantee a seal up to a maximum of 23 bar or 330 psi.

The integrated extension set helps reduce the risk of contamination from repeated disconnections and reconnections.

Delta Med intravenous catheters: comfort and safety

Delta Med intravenous catheters set a standard in advanced medical solutions, emphasizing the company’s steadfast dedication to excellence in operational convenience and patient well-being.

Ranging from the development of conventional devices with cutting-edge materials like Polyurethane and Teflon to safety models featuring a patented complete needle closure system, the company distinguishes itself through meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on safety and comfort.