Delta Med and Numantec: innovation and excellence

Delta Med e Numantec

Delta Med stands as a prominent player in the healthcare industry specializing in vascular access solutions. It has earned a distinguished reputation for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge diagnostic solutions of the highest quality. The company’s reputation is rooted in its continuous drive for technological innovation, utilization of advanced medical equipment, and the expertise of its highly qualified professionals.

About Delta Med

Established in 1993 with a core mission to develop safe and high-quality medical devices, Delta Med boasts a rich history spanning three decades in the field of health and medical safety.

Over the years, the company has evolved into a recognized leader, earning the status of a preferred partner for multinational corporations within the industry, as well as esteemed hospitals and healthcare institutions both in Italy and abroad.

Delta Med’s growth trajectory has been marked by strategic acquisitions, including the complete acquisition of Tipromed Srl in January 2017, a company specializing in peripheral safety catheters featuring a “closed system.” In September of the same year, the company’s product portfolio and technological capabilities were further expanded through the acquisition of Alfamed’s “Critical care” business.

In September 2018, Delta Med strengthened its position by acquiring a 77 percent stake in Bioengineering Laboratories S.r.l., a company renowned for its expertise in designing and manufacturing devices for urodynamics, gynecology, and cardiac surgery.

Today, Delta Med stands as a well-established company with extensive and in-depth experience in the healthcare sector, celebrated as a benchmark for health and safety by key stakeholders in the medical industry.

Delta Med focuses

Delta Med prides itself on manufacturing medical devices that adhere to the latest international standards. The company’s I.V. Catheter division is equipped with in-house production lines and cutting-edge technology, specializing in the production of vascular access devices, with particular reference to accessories for infusion lines and peripheral and central intravenous catheters. The latter constitute another essential branch of the company, Critical Care, which also includes procedural or post cannulation maintenance kits. Finally, the O.R. Division offers a wide range of procedural kits for diagnosis and surgery, as well as producing drapes, gowns, medical PPE and accessories (sterile and non-sterile) for the operating room.

Delta Med is backed by a seasoned sales force and a team of exceptionally qualified specialists, including clinicians who collaborate closely with clients on tailor-made projects. They also offer external training sessions at accredited centers to ensure the highest level of expertise. It’s important to emphasize that Delta Med not only supplies medical devices but also offers the essential accessories required for installation and ensuring the durability of post-cannulation. This comprehensive approach is aimed at reducing complications and overall costs for healthcare providers.

In particular, Delta Med specializes in:

  • Intravenous catheters, which combine ease of use for medical personnel with comfort for patients. These catheters, available in various options, including traditional, safety, closed system, and veterinary, use FEP or PUR cannula needles to ensure high quality and reduce human error, ensuring maximum efficacy, available in sizes from Gauge 14G to 26G
  • Venous catheters, encompassing both central and peripheral options, are part of the “Critical Care” sector’s offerings. These are meticulously manufactured by a highly skilled and specialized team, prioritizing the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals. The range of vascular accesses, which includes long cannulae, midline catheters, and PICC lines, is thoughtfully designed to streamline medical procedures, enhance operational efficiency, and minimize the potential for human error and associated complications
  • O.R. division specializing in creating customized procedural kits for diagnosis and surgery, also offers drapes, gowns, medical PPE, and sterile and nonsterile accessories for the operating room. All Delta Med products use Nonwoven Fabric (TNT) material, which is nontoxic, hypoallergenic and effective against bacterial infections; it ensures convenience, comfort and hygiene. OEM solutions are made to order and manufactured with the client’s brand name or CE marking
  • Vascular accessories, which improve not only the installation of catheters but also their long-term effectiveness. The wide range of vascular kits includes a variety of configurations, including customizable ones, to meet the needs of physicians and patients
  • Arterial catheters, including:
    • The Delta Arterial Cath Cannula line ensures safe and uncomplicated placement of peripheral arteries for blood pressure measurement and hemogasanalysis. This type of polyurethane catheter ensures accurate pressure wave detection
    • The Delta Arterial Cath is an ergonomic catheter with a transparent viewing chamber and a safety mechanism. Available in polyurethane or Teflon, in 18- and 20-Gauge sizes, it provides a secure cannula needle position and prevents accidental puncture with a closure valve
    • The Delta Long Cannula can be used in either a vein or artery
  • BEL urodynamics catheters are offered in two distinct categories: rectal and urethral catheters. These catheters are disposable and come in sterile packaging. Rectal catheters serve the purpose of measuring rectal pressure and are commonly employed in procedures like cystomanometry. On the other hand, urethral catheters are retrogradely inserted into either the bladder or urethra, with their specific design dictating their function. Urethral catheters can be used for a variety of tasks, including bladder filling and sensing endovesical and urethral pressures

Delta Med’s contribution to Numantec

As a part of the Numantec Group, Delta Med is committed to ongoing research and development efforts, aiming to deliver state-of-the-art products and services. Their overarching mission is to enhance overall healthcare and promote accessibility and efficiency in medical care.

Delta Med’s added value lies in its team of highly qualified professionals and technicians who continuously stay updated to offer inventive and secure solutions. Their manufacturing processes and services uphold stringent quality standards, prioritizing safety, convenience, and comfort.

At the heart of Delta Med’s daily endeavors are the values of competence, care, and responsibility. These values drive their unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.