Pentaferte and Numantec, investing in the future

Pentaferte e Numantec

Pentaferte is an Italian company specializing in the design and manufacturing of traditional and pre-filled syringes, as well as medical devices.

With one of the largest production plants in Europe, the company has consistently distinguished itself for its capacity to meet the demands of the medical industry through highly competitive, innovative, and quality solutions. Pentaferte is committed to continuous research and investment.

As of 2023, Pentaferte has become a part of the Numantec Group.

About Pentaferte

Pentaferte, an Italian company with a worldwide presence, embarked on its journey in 1980 in Piano Grande, Teramo. Since then, the company has consistently experienced growth and evolution. As early as 1981, Pentaferte established its production plant in Campli, situated in the province of Teramo. while developing a strong administrative and commercial presence in Ferrara.

During the 1990s, Pentaferte consolidated its position by contributing to the design and construction of medical device production facilities in South America and Eastern Europe, exporting its brand internationally. Starting in 1997, a new phase of expansion into Europe unfolded.

In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred as Pentaferte France acquired Segap, a significant player in the European enteral nutrition medical device sector. By 2018, the company initiated a comprehensive revamping process for its factory and production departments.

Following the celebration of its 40th anniversary in 2020, 2021 marked a year of expansion for Pentaferte. The company initiated the construction of a new department dedicated to the production of pre-filled syringes, underscoring its ongoing commitment to growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Pentaferte’s main focuses

Operating in global markets, Pentaferte stands out for its design and production of syringes and medical devices. The company’s philosophy centers around attentive listening to customer and market requirements, placing a strong emphasis on innovation and quality in industrial production.

The product catalog includes:

  • Infusion items: three-piece syringes with needle, three-piece syringes without needle, three-piece syringes zero residue, large capacity syringes, hypodermic needles
  • Sampling items: three-piece syringes with needle, three-piece syringes without needle, hypodermic needles, fingerstick lancets
  • Syringes pre-filled with saline solution

The production process for Pentaferte products commences with the molding of components like rods, cylinders, and barrels using pure polypropylene or a blend of polypropylene and dye.
Following stringent quality control, the semi-finished products proceed to the clean room for the automated cylinder graduation process, syringe assembly, and heat-sealed blister packaging. After exiting the clean room, the products are carefully packed into cartons and boxes, then undergo sterilization using ethylene oxide. In the final degassing stage, the ethylene oxide residue is reduced to meet regulatory levels before the finished products are stored.

Pentaferte and Numantec

Within the Numantec group, Pentaferte excels in its ability to adapt to evolving market needs and the unprecedented demands of end customers in the medical device sector.

Innovation and quality serve as the cornerstones in the world of Pentaferte, accompanied by substantial investments in research. Through this commitment, we develop products that enhance the well-being and safety of patients.