DeltaVet: the future of veterinary devices

deltavet dispositivi veterinari

When it comes to animal care, it is paramount to rely on specialists who ensure the use of appropriate veterinary devices. For this reason, Delta Med has created the DeltaVet line of veterinary medical devices, dedicated to the development and production of instruments for the care of companion and service animals.

Tools for the health of every animal

Veterinary medical devices refer to instruments, devices, implants, software, or substances used exclusively for animal care. Their purpose includes diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating, or alleviating diseases, as well as facilitating life in cases of disability. They can also be used to study, replace, or modify the physiological processes of assisted animals.

To meet these needs, it has become essential for companies producing and distributing advanced animal medical devices to create dedicated product lines. Several companies provide suitable products for this field. For instance, Adriamed offers infusion pumps, both rigid and flexible, designed for the animal world. Similarly, Pentaferte and DBM provide pre-filled or empty syringes, with or without needles, for veterinary use.

Now, let’s specifically examine the main solutions offered by Delta Med, which are in accordance with current national and international standards and legislation.

DeltaVet Traditional Catheters

DeltaVet traditional catheters for veterinary use are designed for fluid drainage, drug administration, and diagnostics. These catheters feature cannula needles made of FEP or PUR, conforming to industry reference guidelines. They are suitable for both small and large animals, available in sizes ranging from 14G to 26G, and come in varying lengths to accommodate different needs.

DeltaVet Sterile Cloths

The DeltaVet line offers a wide range of drapes for covering both surfaces and the patient. They are made from various fabrics, including Biaccoated, Triaccoated, SMS (Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond), and Spunlaced, and come in different sizes. This variety ensures they can meet the specific needs of all implantology practices and procedures, providing an effective barrier effect.

DeltaVet Disposable Gowns

As primary medical devices, DeltaVet disposable gowns offer the perfect balance between comfort, versatility, and functionality. Available in both sterile and non-sterile formats, these gowns are made from water-repellent and breathable materials. They provide an excellent fit and are effective in protecting against contaminants, making them adaptable to any situation.

DeltaVet operator and patient protections

To ensure individual protection for healthcare workers and patients, DeltaVet offers several veterinary devices that aim to meet every contextual industry need.

High-performance surgical masks, breathable and safe headgear, waterproof and non-slip shoe covers, anatomical gloves, and super-absorbent mats with decontamination technology make up a diverse and high-performance range of products. This comprehensive selection is designed to adapt to every eventuality, ensuring safety and efficiency in various veterinary medical procedures.

Each veterinary medical device for the protection of the operator, the patient and
the operating environment is equipped with safety guarantees certified and approved by current Italian and European standards.

DeltaVet in Numantec

For 30 years, Delta Med has been dedicated to developing and producing high-quality products, ensuring high levels of safety, comfort, and convenience. The DeltaVet line of state-of-the-art veterinary medical devices benefits from a technologically advanced supply chain, making it highly competitive in terms of quality.

With the goal of delivering excellence and creating work environments tailored to specific needs, DeltaVet is a vital addition to the Numantec group portfolio.