Elastomeric pump: what is it and how to prevent infection?

pompa elastomerica

We try to shed some light and clear some doubts on one of the most widely used medical devices in Italian and international hospital settings: the elastomeric pump.

What does it consist of? What benefits does it offer, and what risks are associated with its use? Finally, we explore the unique case of an Italian manufacturing company.

What are elastomeric pumps?

Let’s delve into the concept of an “elastomeric system,” which refers to a system comprised of elastomeric materials. These materials are characterized by their rubbery, flexible nature and possess the capability to be compressed and subsequently return to their original shape. This unique property makes them exceptionally well-suited for applications in the medical field, where flexibility and adaptability are paramount.

Elastomeric pumps feature a membrane composed of elastomeric material within them, enabling precise control over the flow of the drug being administered to the patient. These pumps are lightweight, sterile, and designed as single-use medical devices capable of continuously infusing drugs into the patient’s system. They can be inserted subcutaneously, near a plexus, or administered intravenously, arterially, or epidurally, providing versatile delivery options for various medical needs.

How is the drug delivered through the elastomeric pump?

Elastomeric pumps are closed systems comprising a single transparent core, allowing operators to monitor the device’s functionality throughout the procedure. At the core of these pumps lies a balloon-shaped reservoir crafted from elastomeric material. This reservoir serves as the heart of the elastomeric pump, exerting constant pressure on the fluid inside, thereby propelling it along the infusion pathway connected to the patient.

The advantages of using an elastomeric pump

These lightweight, sterile, single-use instruments facilitate the constant infusion of various types of drugs for treating diverse diseases.

For instance, the infusion of analgesics via elastomeric pumps has proven to be a beneficial and effective solution across various aspects of patient care.

These procedures have been applied in both acute and chronic pain situations, including moderate and severe cases, for both oncology and non-oncology patients. They have been utilized in postoperative care and as an alternative to oral therapy when oral medications are no longer effective.

Adriamed: Easyflow

Adriamed, an Italian company within the Numantec Group, has developed elastomeric pumps of various capacities featuring unique and innovative characteristics. In its constant pursuit of safety, comfort, and precision, Adriamed’s Easyflow stands out as the only soft elastomeric infusion system designed for a wide range of treatments. These treatments include pain therapy, chemotherapy, and common antibiotic and antiviral therapies, administered via intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural, and subcutaneous infusion.

To minimize the risk of infection, Adriamed has designed an elastomeric pump with a unidirectional needle-free filling port, preventing any leakage during the filling of medicinal liquids. Additionally, a filter on the filling route blocks the passage of foreign bodies into the system, serving as an extra mechanical barrier against infection.

The materials used in the Adriamed elastomeric pump are DEHP-free and latex-free, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions to the medical device. Furthermore, each device is meticulously tested to ensure maximum reliability and precision.