Numantec acquired worldwide rights to the Saflo™ infusion devices

Numantec Saflo

Numantec, a leading medical technology firm, has broadened its product offering by acquiring the global rights to the Saflo™ infusion devices from Infutech Ltd.
Infutech Ltd, a UK company with over 20 years’ experience in infusion technology, developed Saflo™, the first safe subcutaneous infusion system with a dedicated needle. Infutech’s products are widely used in the UK and Europe.

Tailored for subcutaneous drug delivery, Saflo™ targets various medical applications such as Parkinson, immunoglobulins, thalassemia, and pain management. The inclusion of Saflo™’s devices in Numantec’s portfolio will enhance the Group’s infusion product portfolio.

numantec saflonumantec saflo

Saflo™ products can be used to provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional products in this area. With a fine gauge insertion needles and automatic needle guard mechanisms, Saflo™ is the best product in terms of safety, comfort, and convenience.

Ray Morrissey of Infutech declares “This is exciting news for Saflo™. This agreement with Numantec will open new markets. Multiple patients, needing our product, will benefit from this agreement”.

Gabriele Giovanelli, Numantec CEO, declares “This acquisition will further enable us to meet the needs of our customers. Saflo™’s products complement the Numantec portfolio.”

About Numantec

Numantec is a leader in infusion medical devices. The Group includes: Delta Med, specialised in vascular access catheters; Pentaferte a leader in specialty syringes and infusion pumps; DBM focused on prefilled syringes; Adria Med a leader in elastomeric infusion systems; BEL focused on urodynamic catheters and accessories; Securmed active in urology, surgery, anesthesiology, and gastroenterology.

The Group today has a turnover of more than 100€ million, 6 production plants in Italy and in France, and over 400 employees.

About Infutech and Saflo™

The Saflo™ range of products was developed by the UK company Infutech Ltd, led by their managing director Ray Morrissey. The development was in response to the pending needle safety legislation, implemented in 2013, and resulted in the first subcutaneous devices specifically designed to completely meet these requirements.