Adriamed and Numantec: Masters of Tailored Solutions

Adriamed e Numantec

Renowned for its wide range of medical devices aimed at delivering high quality healthcare services, Adriamed is a leader in the elastomeric pump market. The company’s constant quest for technological innovation and focus on operational efficiency help position it as the industry benchmark.

Since 2023, Adriamed and Numantec have pursued the common goal of providing cutting-edge healthcare solutions on an international scale.

About Adriamed

Adriamed, an Italian leader in manufacturing disposable medical devices, specializes in elastomeric pumps and infusion systems. Established as a family-owned business over three decades ago, it ventured into the global market in 2014-2015 upon patenting the Easyflow elastomeric infusion system. This innovative product has since gained widespread adoption across Europe and numerous countries worldwide.

In 2019, the company expanded its production facilities and personnel, now counting over 2,000 square metres of clean rooms dedicated to production, two ethylene oxide sterilisation plants and over 100 employees.

Adriamed upholds quality as its cornerstone, ensuring excellence through several key measures. These include the ongoing renewal of company certifications, continuous investment in research and innovation to foster product and process development, a patient-centric approach to meet healthcare needs, and rigorous unitary control systems implemented on the finished product. These commitments underscore Adriamed’s dedication to delivering high-quality medical solutions with precision and care.

In 2021, Adriamed Adriamed stood out among 850,000 Italian companies for its competitiveness and sustainability, earning a place in the Golden Roll of Italy’s most reliable companies and winning the Industria Felix award.

Today, Francesco Di Florio leads the company as Managing Director supported by a competent and cohesive team working synergistically to achieve common goals.

Adriamed focuses

Adriamed’s main focus is Easyflow®, for which the company holds the patent and for which it is recognised as the market leader. Easyflow® sets itself apart from all other elastomeric systems on the global market due to its entirely soft design, devoid of rigid parts or casings. This versatile system finds application in various medical treatments including chemotherapy, acute or chronic pain therapy, chelation, antibiotic and antiviral therapies, and hydration.

The Adriamed catalogue is completed by a wide range of medical devices for infusion of drugs and solutions such as deflectors, linear and coiled extensions, flow regulators, ramps, transfer sets, connectors and needleless access valves.

The contribution of Adriamed in Numantec

Being part of the Numantec group, Adriamed is committed to developing its technical and manufacturing capabilities and strategic dedication to innovation, guaranteeing a wide range of medical devices and a complete service, including the critical process of ethylene oxide sterilisation.

Adriamed excels in application-specific research and development, offering product flexibility and customization to meet diverse needs. With a comprehensive production process spanning from raw material sourcing to sterilization, coupled with robust after-sales support, Adriamed ensures high-quality products tailored to customer requirements.