Securmed urine collection bags: which ones, characteristics, what they are used for

Sacche raccolta urina Securmed

Urine bags serve as essential devices crafted for the temporary collection and storage of urine. Widely utilized in hospital and home environments, especially for individuals experiencing incontinence, these bags are engineered to uphold hygiene standards and facilitate convenient emptying.

Securmed, as a company, offers a range of urine bags, each tailored to specific needs and applications. These bags vary in characteristics to cater to diverse use cases and requirements.

General characteristics of urine collection bags

Urine bags, alternatively referred to as catheter bags or drainage bags, share common characteristics across different models, despite some variations. These include:

  • Transparent or translucent material, allowing visual monitoring of the urine level without having to open the bag
  • Hermetic closure to prevent leakage and unpleasant odours
  • Anti-reflux valve, which prevents urine from flowing back into the catheter or tube, reducing the risk of infection
  • Universal connection, allowing the bag to be connected to different types of catheters or tubes
  • Graduation on the outside, which makes it easy to measure the amount of urine collected
  • Quick-release clip or clamp, which facilitates emptying and draining the urine
  • Leg support, which ensures better mobility for the client

Regardless of the specific type or model of urine collection bag, adherence to health standards is paramount in selecting materials for its construction. This ensures safety and compatibility for prolonged usage.

Use of urine bags

As mentioned above, urine collection bags play a crucial role in caring for patients with bladder catheters, whether in hospital settings or at home. A bladder catheter is a slender, flexible tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder, facilitating the drainage of urine. This medical device becomes necessary when an individual is unable to void the bladder naturally or when continuous urine flow is medically required.

Bladder catheters come in various types, each serving the primary function of safely draining urine from the bladder to the exterior of the body.
The correct use of these devices is important to ensure hygiene and prevent infections. Bags must be emptied regularly and disposed of safely. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and effective use.

Type of Securmed urine collection bags

Securmed urine collection bags are used for:

  • Home healthcare: for example, they can be used by elderly or disabled people who have difficulty reaching the bathroom in a timely manner
  • Hospitals and care facilities, where urine bags are often used to collect urine from patients who cannot use a toilet independently

Securmed provides different types of urine bags for urine collection. These include closed circuit bed bags, emptying bags, leg bags, paediatric bags and more.

Securmed closed-circuit bed bags

The closed-circuit urine collection bag serves as a vital device for hygienically collecting urine from a bladder catheter without disrupting the system, making it an ideal solution for immobile patients. This specialized bag is constructed with a closed loop design, enabling the continuous drainage of urine from the bladder without the need to open the bag or expose its contents to the external environment.

Securmed provides various models of closed-circuit bags tailored to diverse needs. One such model is the SM4L bag, which is equipped with a needle or needleless sampling point and a free-flowing T-tap for emptying, and the SM7 bag, which additionally has an anti-bacterial chamber and a hydrophobic filter for increased protection against infection. Securmed also offers large capacity closed-circuit bags (model SM4000C for 4l capacity and model SM5000C for 5l capacity) suitable for irrigation and bladder flushing in post-operative drainage.

Securmed Disposable Bed Bags

Securmed’s range of disposable bed bags includes:

  • T-tap bag: is equipped with an anti-reflux valve and a free-flowing drain valve
  • T-bag with pull/push valve: is equipped with an anti-reflux valve and a pull/push type drain valve
  • Bag with valve: is equipped with a pre-cut in the bottom for easy emptying. It is equipped with an anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow of liquid and prevent infection
  • Standard bag, without tap: has a pre-cut in the bottom for easy emptying

All Securmed disposable urine bags have a capacity of 2000 ml.

Securmed leg urine collection bags

Leg urine bags are specialized devices intended to be worn discreetly around a person’s leg. Frequently utilized alongside bladder catheters or external sheaths, these bags offer a convenient and inconspicuous method for managing urine in individuals with restricted mobility. They provide an effective solution for patients requiring continuous or intermittent bladder drainage, ensuring comfort and ease of movement.

Securmed offers 3 types of leg bags, with capacities of 500 or 750 ml:

  • Compact 3Plus 3-chamber leg bag: has a fabric lining on the back to protect the skin and prevent irritation. It also has an adjustable tube that allows the bag to be worn on the thigh or lower leg. The pack consists of 10 pieces
  • Securdrain Vià! leg bag with T-tap: has an anti-reflux valve and a free-flowing T-tap. It has a hose of different lengths that allow you to choose whether to wear the bag on your thigh or lower leg
  • Securdrain Vià! leg bag: is equipped with an anti-reflux valve and a “Pull/Pull” type drain cock. Different tube lengths allow you to choose whether to wear the bag on the thigh or lower leg

Securmed emptying bags

Vià’ emptying bags are designed to be connected to all closed-circuit bags, allowing them to be emptied without opening the circuit. This method ensures controlled and hygienic emptying of urine.

Securmed paediatric bags

Paediatric urine bags are specifically designed for use on children and infants. These specialized devices are employed to collect urine safely and effectively, particularly in circumstances where children lack the ability to utilize the toilet or potty independently. They ensure a controlled and hygienic urine collection process tailored to the smaller size and specific requirements of pediatric patients.

Securmed offers bags that can be used to collect urine samples for infants, with an anatomically shaped inlet orifice. The three types are:

  • Female paediatric bag
  • Male paediatric bag
  • Unisex paediatric bag

Urine collection and drainage with Securmed devices

Securmed also provides daily diuresis measurement systems to accurately evaluate fluid intake. Among these systems are urinometers, including models SM500 and SM400. These urinometers, when paired with urine collection bags, pre-connected closed systems, catheters, and associated accessories, constitute a comprehensive urological solution offered by Securmed.

The company thus ensures safe, serene and conscious health and bladder management for patients of all ages and with all needs.