Numantec: the strength of the group for the good of the individual

Who is Numantec? It is a biomedical group that was established with the aim of bringing healthcare innovation, particularly in the medical field, through cutting-edge products that represent concrete solutions for the good of the individual patient: from vascular accesses to elastomeric pumps, via pre-filled syringes and devices dedicated to urology, surgery, oxygen therapy and anesthesiology, to cover the entire universe of infusion systems.

The strength of the Numantec group lies in its active core, namely its member companies, each of which specializes in health care solutions. It is precisely because of individual companies that the group expands, but at the same time remains focused on individual areas of interest.

The realities part of the Numantec group

Innovation, progress, and expansion are terms that best represent the Numantec Group, but in order to find concreteness, they need another fundamental element: the network.

Networking is the essential tool not only for consolidating group strength, but also for individual growth. Through the network, companies cooperate to consolidate themselves and the structure of which they are a part; they enter the European and world scene with a group capable of offering a high variety of products and valuable, specialized know-how. What, then, are the companies, which make up Numantec?

Delta Med

A leader in the vascular access healthcare industry and known for its excellence in providing innovative, high-quality diagnostic solutions, Delta Med is recognized for cutting-edge technologies, advanced medical equipment and a team of highly skilled experts.

Its focus is on vascular accesses, particularly the production of traditional catheters, safety, closed system, long cannulae, midline, picc, OR (drapes, gowns, PPE, TNT, etc.).

Attention and commitment to research and development form the basis for cutting-edge, highly reliable products and services. Its mission is to improve the health of everyone by making medical care more accessible and efficient.


A leader in the elastomeric pump market known for its extraordinary dedication to health and wellness, Adriamed is distinguished by its wide range of high-quality health care services, including medical care, home care, and state-of-the-art facilities.

She is the author of the first and only elastomeric infusion pump for completely soft drug delivery, medical products and personal protective equipment.

Adriamed is committed to providing individualized care, ensuring the utmost attention to the patient. Continuous technological innovation and a focus on operational efficiency make it a benchmark in the industry.


With one of the largest production facilities in Europe, Pentaferte distinguishes itself by its ability to adapt to the continuous demands of the world’s most demanding medical manufacturing and certification with highly competitive solutions.

Focuses on the design and manufacture of traditional and pre-filled syringes and medical devices.

From the outset, Pentaferte has been able to distinguish itself through innovation and quality, central elements of its medical solutions. For the company, continuous investment in research is an indispensable element for the well-being and safety of patients and patients.

Pentaferte France

A group with exclusive distribution in the French territory of medical devices on behalf of European industrial manufacturers, Pentaferte France is the French subsidiary of the Italian office of the same name.

Pentaferte France is based on 3 differentiated specializations and has been the beginning of the company’s expansion in Europe since 1997.


Securmed operates under a certified quality system and meticulous selection of internal procedures in order to obtain devices of excellent quality.

Produces and develops products for incontinence, urology, surgical drainage, anesthesiology, oxygen therapy, and gastroenterology.

Constant investments in technology demonstrate the company’s desire to increase the efficiency of manufactured devices, including through the use of modern, highly automated machinery.


With a nearly 20-year history behind it and an expansion that, year after year, has proven its worth, D.B.M. uses state-of-the-art instrumentation and medical equipment founded on the latest technology.

It stands for excellence in the production of pre-filled syringes of saline, sodium citrate, gel and glycerin in different sizes and compositions Made in Italy.

The constant pursuit of quality is based on a scrupulous selection of Italian suppliers with respect to raw materials and materials, passes through the constant attention to the environment, and concludes through the creation of innovative medical products.

The Numantec network

The gradual process of Numantec’s acquisition of the aforementioned entities is intended to be a representation of the group’s commitment and solidity for the future.

Through everyone’s constant efforts to minimize human error and optimize individual performance, Numantec stands as the next benchmark in the global medical and healthcare market.