Pentaferte France and Numantec, high-tech devices

Pentaferte France e Numantec

Pentaferte France is a company specializing in exclusive distribution and marketing Penta and Securmed brand products in France. In addition, it exclusively distributes other international brands of high-tech medical devices.

About Pentaferte France

Pentaferte Italia was founded in 1980 in Teramo. Over the years, it has solidified its position and expanded its product line, venturing into non-EU markets. In 1997, the company took a significant step towards European expansion by establishing its French branch in Villeparisis (Paris), serving as a subsidiary of the Italian headquarters.

The company’s growth trajectory continued in 2009 when Pentaferte France acquired Segap, a leading European provider of medical devices for enteral nutrition. This acquisition fueled further expansion and ongoing innovation, enabling Pentaferte to navigate evolving competitive landscapes and strengthen its strategic foothold in the market.

In 2022, Pentaferte joined forces with the DeltaMed group and, as part of this collaboration, unveiled a new corporate identity: Numantec. Together with its sister companies, Numantec is poised to chart new territories and continue its legacy of excellence in the medical device industry.

The focuses of Pentaferte France

Pentaferte France operates as a distributor of medical devices in France, representing various European industrial manufacturers with expertise in diverse specializations. Additionally, leveraging the experience and adaptability of its research office in Campli, Italy, Pentaferte France engages in the study and production of several original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices. .

Over time, Pentaferte France has emerged as a significant player in the Homecare market within France, boasting a clientele of over 360 customers. Notably, the company has established itself as a leader in supplying and providing training for pumps manufactured by Canè Spa of Turin, Italy. These pumps are instrumental in home treatments for Parkinson’s disease and subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy. Furthermore, Pentaferte Italy has developed specialized syringes tailored for use with these pumps. This synergy underscores Pentaferte’s commitment to advancing patient care and convenience across borders.

Convatec’s NERIA® technical sets for subcutaneous infusion complete the company’s range, significantly enhancing the quality of patient care.

In conclusion, Pentaferte France plays a crucial role in the distribution of PENTA® medical devices for infusion, including hypodermic syringes, prefilled syringes, hypodermic needles, and urology bags. These products are manufactured at the Pentaferte Italy and Securmed plants in Campli, Italy. Primarily catering to hospital customers, private healthcare facilities, and veterinary purchasing centers, these devices and instruments meet a diverse array of medical needs. Notably, Penta® 3-piece syringes, available with or without needles depending on the indication, offer disposability and versatility. Additionally, Penta Luer-Lock syringes are compatible with syringe pumps, ensuring seamless integration with various medical devices.

Pentaferte France’s contribution to Numantec

Pentaferte France, a French company active both domestically and internationally, operates by guaranteeing the maximum safety and effectiveness of all products and devices marketed and distributed. Constantly adapting to new market demands and requirements, it believes in research and innovation, also thanks to the valuable support of Italian manufacturing.