Securmed and Numantec, the power of innovation

Securmed e Numantec

Securmed manufactures and develops products for a variety of applications, including continence and urology, surgery, anesthesiology, oxygen therapy, and gastroenterology, while maintaining high quality and customer service standards through a strict management system and meticulous oversight of internal procedures.

Securmed has always prioritized technological innovation, making substantial investments in highly automated state-of-the-art machinery to make the manufacturing process more efficient and stable.

As of this year, Securmed has become part of the Numantec Group.

About Securmed

Securmed was founded in Thiene (VI) in 1992 through the transformation of Coplast Italia Srl, an Italian-Romanian joint venture with a production facility in Romania specializing in the manufacturing of shrink films for medical and food packaging. It became Securmed Srl, initiating the production of urine collection and drainage bags and registering the first commercial trademark, Securdrain®. From the very beginning, a Research & Development department was created inorder to accelerate the enlargement process of device ranges.

Securmed strengthens its position in Italy and abroad by registering new brands like Securdrain Vià! ®, Urodren by Securmed, and Securflow Vià! ® after receiving multiple honors and certifications. It obtains a European patent in 2005 for an innovative tap that allows urine collection and drainage bags to be used and emptied more effectively.

Over the years, Securmed has evolved into a Joint Stock Company, reaching agreements to manufacture OEM devices on behalf of top businesses in the sector. The production of bladder catheters and suction probes on the new super-automated facility began in 2012.

Following several collaborations with Europe’s leading hospitals, the company now strives to monitor and meet the changing needs of patients and healthcare professionals, while ensuring excellence in quality, device safety, and consistently timely and effective service.

Securmed’s main focuses

Securmed SpA is engaged in the production and development of medical devices in Italy with the goal of simplifying the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Currently, the company’s goal is to provide tools to healthcare professionals that improve performance and reduce the risk of infection, while also ensuring easy management and a high level of patient safety.

Securmed’s products are designed to provide increasingly efficient solutions for different needs:

  • The aim of urology and continence products is to make the management of urologic and bladder tract problems as easy and efficient as possible, for both home care and hospital use. They include: a large variety of bags (bed, leg, closed-loop), bladder catheterization products (PVC bladder catheters, siliconized latex Foley, pure silicone Foley), devices such as pre-connected systems for short- and medium-long term catheterization, catheter valve, bladder exercise set, irrigation set, catheter cap.
  • Surgical products are the result of carefully selected raw materials and stringent manufacturing process controls. They include silicone and PVC surgical aids such as drainage tubes, drainage kits with tube and reservoir, Yankauer sets, and various types of tubing and skeins for surgical suction.
  • Anesthesiology products are safe, easy to use and effective. They include a wide selection of devices, such as suction catheters, various models of endotracheal tubes, and Guedel cannulas.
  • Oxygen therapy products include nasal cannulas (goggles) and various models of oxygen and aerosol therapy masks.
  • Gastroenterology products include feeding probes and nasogastric probes with Enfit connector, which is safer for the patient because it reduces the risk of connection errors, and also duodenal probes (both PVC and silicone), rectal probes, and PVC feeding tubes.

Securmed and Numantec

Securmed brings careful research and development to the Numantec Group, focusing on the usability, safety, and effectiveness of the devices produced.

Constant technological investments are perfectly matched with the desire to increase the efficiency of production stages and raise the quality standard of each finished product.