Numantec and Pentaferte: syringes and medical devices with high quality standards

Numantec e Pentaferte

Numantec, the new biomedical group of strong, established companies, covers the full range of vascular and infusion accesses.

Pentaferte, a distinguished member of the group, is an Italian enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, and global distribution of syringes and medical devices. Since its inception, Pentaferte has consistently adhered to the core principles of quality and production excellence. The company’s foundational DNA encompasses a profound commitment to meeting customer needs and market demands. Located in Campli, within the province of Teramo and merely two hours from Rome, Pentaferte’s production facility stands as one of the largest in Europe. This facility is subject to continuous transformation aimed at enhancing quality and production standards. This commitment ensures that the company not only meets but exceeds the evolving market requirements, alongside adhering to increasingly rigorous and demanding certification standards.

The world of medical devices has innovation and quality as critical aspects, and based on these pillars, the goal of providing users with the best existing solution takes shape. By investing in research and, notably, in quality, we contribute to the advancement of medical culture. This, in turn, benefits those who, through the utilization of Pentaferte’s products, can enhance the well-being and safety of patients.

The plant has completely renovated all departments, building new clean rooms and increasing the number of production lines, and investing heavily in the molding department. In fact, the plant is among the few in Italy that boasts the complete cycle, from component molding to sterilization, all on-site and all strictly made in Italy. Why do customers seek this service? Clients choose to partner with Pentaferte not merely for its capability to design superior product services, but also due to the company’s comprehensive control over the entire production cycle. Pentaferte possesses in-depth knowledge of the raw materials, the sterilization process, and the product development stages.

Finally, Pentaferte now counts among its facilities, a brand new ISO7 clean room in which the production process of pre-filled syringes is carried out. Thus the company today is among the very few to make syringes that it then fills itself according to the needs of the end customer.

Opting for Pentaferte signifies a commitment to quality, control, innovation, and the assurance of delivery schedules, facilitated by the absence of third-party involvement in the production processes.

High quality standards, research, innovation, made in Italy and patient care are the hallmarks of Pentaferte.